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Caythorpe Primary School

Inspiring the future

Viking Day

Thursday 1st November (or ‘Thorsday’ as it was known to the Vikings was no ordinary for Y3, Y4 and Y5 children at Caythorpe primary School.

They entered the school dressed as Vikings and were greeted by ‘Wulfric’ from ‘Viking School Visits’, who took them on an exciting expedition through history…

Their first task was to jump aboard their ships and travel over to Britain, during which they encountered sea monsters and thunderstorms. On arrival they discovered that their diet would consist of apples, bread, smoked salmon and pigs blood!!

The Vikings were then introduced to the weapons and armour that were used in battle and given the opportunity to explore a range of interesting artefacts. As the day drew to a close they launched into battle, using the shields that they have created!

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