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Caythorpe Primary School

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Caythorpe Primary School To Buckingham Palace

The distance from Caythorpe Primary School to Buckingham Palace is 120.4 miles via the A1, which equates to approximately 253,440 steps.

A number of staff members and KS2 pupils have got their pedometers ready to see if they can walk from Caythorpe to London in 21 days! It will be great fun, engaging, interactive and it will help us to be a little more active every day. I have broken the total number of steps down into days to help me to plan my steps across the 21 days. However it does not matter how many steps you do each day as long as you reach the target of 253,440 in the 21 days. The challenge begins on Monday 17th June and ends on Sunday 7th July but there are various check points along the way!

High Street, Caythorpe, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG32 3DR

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