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Caythorpe Primary School

Inspiring the future

All new topics have started with a BIG BANG this week!

Learning through memorable first hand experiences!

Enchanted forest and Neverland enjoyed tasting lots of different fruits for their BIG BANG to start their new topic about keeping healthy. After trying each fruit, the children decided whether they liked or disliked it. At the end of the tasting, they decided which fruit was their favourite.

Narnia enjoyed a Greek Day and many of the children got into the spirit by dressing up as the Ancient Greeks did. Children took part in many activities to give them a taster of the aspects of life of the Ancient Greeks. They took part in role-play re-enacting freeze frames from the story of Medusa as well as writing using Ancient Greek symbols. In maths the year 3’s looked at Ancient Greek numerals while the Year 4’s explored making labyrinths for the Minotaur! We also learnt a dance, the Hasapiko, which is a traditional Greek line dance. In the afternoon we designed some Greek pots which we hope to finish soon. It was lovely to welcome parents into the classroom. The children especially enjoyed teaching them how to write using the Greek alphabet.

As part of our topic on Brazil, the children of Hogwarts have been exploring why Brazil is in the news. To begin this topic, we have organised a whole class debate on the topic of deforestation. The children will be delivering their arguments from a variety of viewpoints both for and against deforestation.  To do this the children have been broken up into five groups to debate on behalf of. These are: Greenpeace, a meat processing factory, government politicians, indigenous tribes and doctors. The results of the debate will be posted this afternoon on the class twitter account.

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