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Caythorpe Primary School

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Egyptian Workshop

Pupils in Narnia were greeted after October half-term by Richard Brighton from History Squad, a company that uses powerful, entertaining, and utterly engaging history workshops to make the subject fun, fascinating, and relevant.

The adventure took us back in time to Ancient Egypt where we built two Pyramids, exploring how and why they were made, before also examining the mummification process.

Some fascinating facts left us stunned – one Pyramid would be made out of around 2.5 million pieces of stone, each weighing at least the same as three modern cars! It would take 5,000 people almost 20 years to build just one Pyramid but no Mummy has ever been found in one – they are all buried in tombs deep underground. Mrs Russell was so fascinated she stayed after her Breakfast club duties.

Pupils took on a variety of dramatic roles as they went back in time. Pharaohs and Gods were amongst the Ancient Egyptians depicted as we also explored myths, legends and facts derived from centuries of research. 

Check out Narnia's webpage to see our video with pictures from the workshop!

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