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Caythorpe Primary School

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Y5 & Y6 Trip to Cadbury World

Hogwarts enjoyed visiting Cadbury World as a part of their learning question: ‘What did the Maya do for us?’ 

Our visit began with a tour of the factory where the children learned all about the origin of Cadburys. Firstly, the children learned about how Cadburys was set up and the journey the cocoa bean makes from Africa and South America to the UK while also learning about how Cadburys were leaders in the field of working rights for their employees. After this brief history lesson, the children (and staff) then moved on chocolate tasting as well as being given the opportunity to melt and shape their own chocolate. The tour concluded with the children taking a breath-taking tour through Beanville.

After lunch and burning off some energy in the play area, the children moved on to their educational talk on the Maya. During this talk, the children learned about the pivotal role played by the Maya which provided many answers to our learning question. The talk also involved some children (and Mrs Laing) dressing up as different Mayans ranging from royalty to the poorer Maya. The staff and children really enjoyed trying on the Mayan costumes. The talk concluded with a Q&A session. Our instructor was extremely impressed with how much background knowledge the children already had on the Maya and also commented on how well behaved our children were throughout the talk. 

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