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Caythorpe Primary School

Inspiring the future

Residential Visit to Stibbington

Narnia visited Stibbington Ecological Education Centre to enrich their study of The Romans. 

They were welcomed by Becky, who showed them around the centre and the children were quick to unpack and settle into their rooms ready for the fire drill.

In the afternoon the children learnt some marching commands in Latin and practised the tortoise and orb formation. After chariot racing, it was time to set up for dinner.

The children were well fed in the Crunchy Carrot Café, the chocolate pudding being a particular favourite.

The next day the children were busy with more Roman activities making stuffed dates, writing Roman numerals on wax tablets, looking at artefacts and creating a clay tile. They also had more opportunities to learn about the ecological aspects the centre promotes for example; recycling, composting, saving energy and creating energy via solar panels.

All the staff who accompanied the children were very impressed by their behaviour and enthusiasm. Some children have been awarded certificates in recognition of their extra special efforts during the visit. The centre said they would certainly welcome the children of Caythorpe back in the future.

Back at school the children have written recounts of their visit and in maths year 3 have created tally charts and bar graphs to show their favourite activities on the visit. The facts and information they have picked up will support their learning of “What the Romans did for us!”

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