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Caythorpe Primary School

Inspiring the future


Emerald City and Narnia enjoyed their Superhero Day!

This half term the children will learn all about the features of Myths - discovering the characters who are considered to be the first ever Superheroes – before moving on to Biographies and writing their own about a hero of their choice. Our Science work on Materials and their Properties will allow lots of opportunities to investigate “What makes a good Superhero costume?"  In Geography we will focus on Natural Disasters; in particular about the features of volcanoes, their formation and how they are distributed around the world, as well as using our research skills to find out about the key aspects of earthquakes – What are tectonic plates and seismic waves? We will also learn about “superheroes” of different religions and develop our computing skills to create a multimedia presentation about our very own superhero. We are all looking forward to a ‘Super’ term full of hard work, creativity and fun!

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