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Caythorpe Primary School

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Each year we will ensure that we review the school’s definition of bullying. We define bullying as follows:

“Bullying is deliberately hurtful behaviour that is repeated or has the potential to be repeated over a period of time, making it difficult for the person concerned to defend themselves”.

Within this we know that bullying can take the following forms:

Physical - hitting, kicking, taking or hiding

Verbal - name calling, teasing or insulting

Emotional - excluding, tormenting, looks

Exclusion – left out of activities/discussions

Threatening – any threats to others

Cyber - using ICT (computers, phones, tablets, consoles etc) for any of the above

This definition and the list are not exhaustive – situations will always arise which need our full attention but are not listed here.

We would welcome any opinions about this definition so that we can refine or change aspects of it as rapid changes in society impact the experiences that children have on a day to day basis.

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