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Caythorpe Primary School

Inspiring the future

Emerald City

Year 3 and 4

Ms Cann

Welcome to the Emerald City Class

Spring Term Term (4): In Narnia and Emerald City our topic is "What did people do before computers?" 

This topic incorporates the subjects of history and art.  Children will learn how and why cinema, television, football, music and holidays have changed over the 20th century. They will also learn that historians use sources of evidence to find out about the past. They will see how changes in 20th century technology affect our lives today. In art we will be exploring the genre of “Pop Art.”  Children will discuss and evaluate the artwork of artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. They will learn techniques to create art in the style of these artists.

In science children will be investigating how to separate materials. Children will reinforce their understanding of solids, liquids and states of matter. They find out how solids and liquids can be separated when they become mixed and explore reversible changes. They will create their own sorting machines with the context of solving a real-life situation. They will also learn how to filter a solution.

The English curriculum will be taught through a topic approach wherever possible. 

We follow the Lincolnshire Agreed syllabus for RE. This term the focus is "Forgiveness". Children will explore what is meant by forgiveness and the role forgiveness plays in world religions. Children will learn about Jewish beliefs about forgiveness, finding out more about Yom Kippur with a focus on the objects used and what Jewish people do at Yom Kippur. Children will also develop an understanding of Buddhist beliefs about forgiveness, reflecting on how the Eightfold Path influences Buddhists in their approach to forgiveness. They will use their understanding about forgiveness to create and explain a symbol which represents the concept of forgiveness, working collaboratively with others to deliver a presentation to explain this.

Diary Dates for Emerald City

Friday 1st March - Emerald City and Narnia visit Museum of Lincolnshire Life - details to follow

Thursday 7th March - World Book Day - come to school as your favourite book character

Monday 18th March - Science Week begins

Monday 25th March - Assessment week

Tuesday 2nd April - Parents evening - letters for appointments to follow

Thursday 4th April - Parents evening - letters for appointments to follow

Wednesday 1st May - Friday 3rd May - Y4 and 5 Camp Redwood residential

Monday 24th June - Sports Day

Monday 8th July - School Games Day


PE kits (white T-shirt, dark shorts and plimsolls or trainers) should be in school "just in case!" and for any sports clubs. Please ensure PE kit and school clothing is clearly named.

Outdoor PE will be Net and wall games. Children will develop skills of sending a ball using a variety of techniques and applying skills to a game situation. This term we will have dance taught by Beth Cresswell.


All children have homework books and a task sheet. A copy of this term's homework tasks can be downloaded below. Each homework task is worth points. Children should aim to complete a total of 20 points each half term. They may choose their homework task for the week from the termly list. (Year 3 and 4 homework tasks available to download below). Please could all homework tasks be handed in on a Thursday so we may celebrate homework together on Fridays. Remember to as creative as you wish for each task. See homework links below.


Children have an opportunity to change their reading books everyday. However it is helpful if reading diaries are signed to ensure children are reading, engaging and understanding what they read. Please ensure you listen to your child read regularly and sign their reading diaries.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is an award-winning website to help support children’s learning, both at home
and at school. Enjoy helpful tips and activities to support your children’s learning and discover 250 eBooks.

Login available from Mrs Hunt.


Follow the link above to log in the "Times Table Rock Stars". 

Useful Weblinks

Rainforest Information - useful for homework tasks

The Rainforest Alliance - More useful information and fun games 

Bitesize Science - information and games on a range of science topics

Viking Quest Game - Go on a Viking Quest - Play the game of 'Viking Quest', which takes you back to AD 793. Can you build a ship, cross the seas, loot a monastery and return home to claim your prize? Your chief has set the challenge, it's up to you to respond.

Victorious Vikings - a useful homework page!

Anglo-Saxon Game - a fun, interactive history game! Flash player is needed to play.

Who were the Anglo-Saxons - Great Homework help here

More Anglo-Saxon facts

BBC Bitesize English - choose from a wide variety of activities to practise, spelling, grammar, using punctuation, reading and comprehension and lots more!

BBC Bitesize Maths - need more practise with place value? Want to be sharper at addition and subtraction. Great maths revision can be found here!

Bitesize Science KS2 Want to know about how our world and all the things in it work? We look at materials, energy, light and sound; and, even observe humans, plants and animals in this section.

Science Clips - explore the science investigations

Homework Help - an excellent site for all matters of homework.

NRich - many of the children in Year 4 have enjoyed problem solving activities from this website. Why not solve a problem and submit your own answers and reasoning!

Play Mummy Maker -  Click the link to enter the embalmer's workshop, where you are to prepare the body of Ramose, officer to the king, for burial.The chief embalmer, Kha, will be watching your work closely. Complete your task perfectly, or he will be denied paradise.

Homophones - Practise spelling tricky homophones by playing this game.

Find out more about mummification here!

Football and Netball Results

Keep up to date with our league positions at Sporting Success


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